I'm a web developer with a strong passion in UX design. I love creating efficient solutions that prioritize functionality and useability.

I graduated in 2016 with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University with internships at EMC, Jacobs Kling-Stubbins, and Dynamo Micropower. When I'm not coding you'll find me travelling the world, studying a spoken language, doing something basketball related or trying out new recipes to cook.


Booking App


This app started out as a freelance offer to improve the design and add additional functionality to a cleaning services website. Due to various reasons, the offer was retracted but nevertheless due to my already invested interest in the project itself, I decided to move forward with an independent, personal version. For this project I've made an emphasis to code mobile first and with a strict adherence to Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure code integrity and cleanliness.

HTML SCSS Typescript Angular Socket.IO Google Maps / Calendar API Test Driven Development

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Class Scheduler


While I was working as a teacher in Japan, one of the first things that I recognized as inefficient was the scheduling / planning fax system. I quickly sought a solution and eventually built a web app that streamlines many of the processes of the old system while retaining a UI that closely resembles the faxes of old, the latter of which was crucial in vastly lowering the learning curve for my users. This was especially important given that the typical user was not particularly comfortable or familiar with technology.

HTML CSS Typescript Angular Firebase Bootstrap Amazon S3

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Password Keychain


My interest in learning the backend grew after coming across numerous limitations of Firebase. The Password Keychain App is the result of my attempt at a password manager, helping solidfy knowledge in areas such as token authentication, email services, databases, encryption, and CORS.

HTML CSS Javascript Angular Bootstrap NodeJS MongoDB Heroku Postman Robo3T Mailgun

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